The forced termination of clergy is an extremely devastating event for everyone involved.  Our research indicates that more than a 25% of clergy from more than 39 denominations in the United  States have experienced at least one forced termination during their ministry.  Those who have experienced a forced termination know just how distressing and long-term the effects can be.  At HealingChoice, we know first hand how detrimental a forced termination can be, for the clergy family and the church in which it happened.


For Clergy Families

If you are a minister or the spouse of a minister who has been forcibly terminated please contact us.  We have several programs available that may be helpful to you and your family.  We currently offer PastorCare Intensives that take place over a three day weekend.  We also can set up individualized PastorCare sessions for you and/or members of your family.  If we can help please contact us or call 806-319-7400.


For Churches

Churches feel the need to change Pastoral leadership from time to time.  At HealingChoice we recognize that desire but believe there is a better way to make leadership changes than what is typical.  Many church leaders do not know how to tell a minister that he/she is no longer desired as a leader in the church, they also typically do not recognize that a process should take place before a minister is asked to step down.  Churches typically engage (knowingly or unknowingly) in psychological tactics that result in hurt for both the church and the ministry family asked to leave.  Published research indicates the effects of a forced termination on ministry families is long-term and extremely detrimental to their well-being.  


HealingChoice can provide training to church leaders who may be thinking about making a leadership change.  We also have a conflict resolution program that may be helpful to churches who have already forcibly terminated a ministry family.  If we can help your church through a difficult time, please contact us or call 806-319-7400.