PastorCare Weekend Intensive

HealingChoice™ offers 3-day weekend intensives to ministry individuals/couples/families.  Participants will arrive at the facility on a Thursday evening to check in and meet with the counselor(s).  Friday and Saturday are reserved for intense times of PastorCare (tailored to the client’s needs) with the focus to help ministry individuals/couples/families work through troubling issues related to their ministry and family.  On Sunday the intensive weekend will wrap up with a strategy session for the client(s).


PastorCare is a joint effort between the counselor and the client(s).  It is our goal to help you develop goals for your mental health.  Because of the nature of our work, we typically use brief intervention to help our clients.  This type of care is used for clients who may need to work through a particular difficulty that may only take 6 to 8 sessions.  Although we primarily focus on brief intervention, we do see clients on a regular basis and will work with clients as long as goals are being met.  It is our hope that in intensive PastorCare weekend will help ministry families find their pathway to healing.



 PastorCare Weekend Intensives – $3,000 (includes lodging and meals). Please contact us for more information.  Payment is due at the time of scheduling.
**We do not accept insurance.


Payment Options

HealingChoice™ understands our unique clientele so we have provided a number of payment options available to ministry families.  Our most popular option is the Assurance Program, which allows churches to purchase a yearly plan to help defray PastorCare costs to ministry families. Call us for more information.


You may also ask your church or church board to help cover the costs associated with the PastorCare Weekend Intensive.  Many churches are just as concerned with you and your family’s health as you are and would be willing to support this option.  HealingChoice™ is a not-for-profit organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.  Of course, you may also elect to pay out-of-pocket for the weekend.



If we can help you or your family, please call us at 806-319-7400 or contact us by email.